Regardless of your spending habits, there are lots of ways to Feed the Pig. While the savings from changing a single habit may not seem like much at first, making changes in a few areas of your life can add up to big bucks within a single year. Here are some of our favorite financial tips.

Weekly Savings Tip: Hoodie Hoo!

February 20th is Hoodie-Hoo day – a day when, at high noon, we're all supposed to go outside, wave our hands in the air and yell, "Hoodie-Hoo!" to chase away the winter blahs. You may not wish to participate in such a ritual, but you should make sure you're not saying "Hoodie-Hoo!" to your money by plugging any leaks in your budget or your home.

  • Tightening up your budget. Take some time this week to review your spending and see if you can find areas where you're letting out more money than you planned for in your budget. Awareness is the first step to fixing any holes.
  • Patching up your home. Use this checklist to give your home a checkup and help identify where you may need to do a little maintenance. You'll save money in the long run by keeping your home energy efficient and avoiding costly repairs due to lack of proper maintenance.

Let's say, "Hoodie-Hoo!" to winter, not to our money! . 

This Just In...Current Events

Staying up to date on current events and financial news is an important part of understanding and managing your finances. 


Start off on the right financial foot, and stay there!

Habit Changers

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