Regardless of your spending habits, there are lots of ways to Feed the Pig. While the savings from changing a single habit may not seem like much at first, making changes in a few areas of your life can add up to big bucks within a single year. Here are some of our favorite financial tips.

Weekly Savings Tip: The 3-3-3 Rule

Tax Day has come and gone. Now to decide what to do with your tax refund! Instead of trying to choose whether to pay off debt, save it or use it for something fun, why not do it all? Try the 3-3-3 approach: use one-third to pay down your highest interest rate debt, one-third to pad your emergency fund and one-third to spend on something fun. This way you're moving closer to your long-term goals without totally giving up an immediate reward.
Reminder: It's Week 3 of the Ready. Set. Goal! Financial Fitness Challenge. Take some time to review your budget today!

This Just In...Current Events

Staying up to date on current events and financial news is an important part of understanding and managing your finances. 


Start off on the right financial foot, and stay there!

Habit Changers

We all have habits, some better than others. The important thing is how you acknowledge and manage them. Just take it one step at a time...

Seasonal Savings

Changing seasons mean more than just a change in wardrobe, they also mean a change in spending and savings habits. 

Holiday Helpers

The holidays can be one of the most difficult times to save. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. 

Tax Tips

Taxes are an important part of your financial plan. The more you understand them, the more you can appreciate how they can work for you.