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Recent press releases with original AICPA survey data can be found below:


Answers for Common Child Tax Credit Questions

2 in 5 Americans Say Online Shopping Has Busted their Budget: AICPA Survey

A Quarter of American Taxpayers Don’t Have a Financial Plan: AICPA Survey

Younger Americans Bearing the Brunt of Pandemic Financial Stress: AICPA Survey

Relationship Intimacy Being Crushed by Financial Tension: AICPA Survey

Most Americans Believe ID Theft Likely to Cause Them Financial Loss in the Next Year: AICPA Survey


21 Financial Resolutions for 2021 from the AICPA

45% of American Taxpayers Have No Idea When They Last Updated Their Withholding: AICPA W-4 Survey

14 Financial Planning Tips from AICPA to Act on Before Year-End

AICPA/Harris Poll Reveals Many Taxpayers Unaware of State Tax Liabilities Related to Working Remotely

Open Enrollment Do’s & Don’ts That Can Help Americans Save in 2021

Americans’ Financial Satisfaction Bounces Back with Record Rally: AICPA Index 

Majority of Clients had Effective Plans to Navigate Economic Uncertainty Caused by COVID-19: Survey of CPA Financial Planners

Lessons Learned from COVID-19 can help Americans Recession-Proof their Finances: AICPA Survey

Majority of Americans Believe They are Likely to Be Impacted by a Natural Disaster, Few are Financially Prepared: AICPA Survey

AICPA’s Financial Literacy Program Offers Resources to Help Americans Weather Financial Impact of Coronavirus

Americans’ Financial Satisfaction Moved from Record Lows to All-Time Highs Over the Last Decade: AICPA Index


20 Financial Resolutions for 2020 from the AICPA

5 Questions to Ask Yourself This Open Enrollment Season from the AICPA

Children’s Allowance Pay is Up - Amount Saved Alarmingly Low: AICPA Survey

Majority of Recent Graduates Plan to Start a Business: AICPA Survey

Health Insurance, Paid Time Off and Student Loan Forgiveness Top List of Millennials’ Desired Workplace Benefits: AICPA Survey

6 Personal Finance Trends that Should Worry All Americans


Americans Favor Workplace Benefits 4 to 1 over Extra Salary: AICPA Survey

Nearly Half of Americans Say Volatile Markets are an Easy Way to Make a Profit: AICPA Survey

Fewer Americans Are Delaying Major Life Events Because of Money Worries: AICPA Survey

Nearly Half of Americans Say ID Theft Likely to Cause Them Financial Loss in the Next Year: AICPA Survey


New Survey Explores Financial Sacrifices Americans Willing to Make for their Pets

New Survey Finds Relationship Tension and Anxiety are Hidden Costs of Debt

Is Time Still Money? Americans Say Cost More Important than Time When Making Purchases

Fake Financial News is a Real Threat to Majority of Americans: New AICPA Survey 

Less than Half of Non-Retired Americans Confident They’ll Reach Financial Goals by Retirement: AICPA Survey 


‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’ Goes Online as Many Americans Show off Luxury Purchases

Four in Five Americans Say Allowance Teaches Financial Responsibility: AICPA Survey

What's the Point? Survey Reveals Americans Not Redeeming Their Travel Rewards

Americans Say Social Security Solvency Should Be Next President’s Top Economic Priority  

One-Third of College Students Say They’ll Live at Home Post-Graduation Due to Loan Debt  

More than Eighty Percent of Americans with Student Loans Make Sacrifices to Meet Monthly Payment

Half of Americans Expect Identity Theft to Cause Them a Financial Loss in the Next Year; Majority of Investment Frauds go Unreported 


AICPA Survey Finds Disconnect Between College Students’ Perception of their Financial Literacy Skills and Reality

Increasing Number of Americans Now Delaying Higher Education, Retirement and Starting a Family for Financial Reasons: AICPA Survey

AICPA Survey: 68 Percent of Americans Regret How They Financed College

AICPA Survey Finds Comfortable Retirement Best Defines Financial Success for Americans