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AICPA National CPA Financial Literacy Commission

The American Institute of CPA's National CPA Financial Literacy Commission is a volunteer group of CPAs from across the United States who represent the AICPA’s 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy Program. Since 2005, the AICPA has been empowering Americans to make better financial decisions with the free tools and resources on the 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy website. Financial Literacy is the cause of the CPA profession and the 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy Program is the AICPA’s flagship corporate social responsibility effort. These efforts are focused on financial education as a public service and are completely free from all advertising, sales, and promotions.

Gregory Anton

Chair - Gregory Anton, CPA, CGMA

Denver, Colorado


David Almonte

David Almonte, CPA, CGMA

Providence, Rhode Island


Tami Bolder

Tami Bolder, CPA/ABV

Akron, Ohio


Adrienne N. Davis, CPA

Atlanta, Georgia


Jina Etienne

Jina Etienne, CPA, CGMA

Silver Spring, Maryland


Kim Hardy

Kim Hardy, CPA/CFF

Jackson, Mississippi


Michael Landsberg

Michael Landsberg, CPA/PFS

Atlanta, Georgia


Darryl Nitta, CPA

Honolulu, Hawaii


Margaret Poster

Margaret Poster, CPA

New York, New York


Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew Rosenberg, CPA/PFS

Grand Junction, Colorado


Jane Rubin

Jane Rubin, CPA

St. Louis, Missouri


Susan Speirs

Susan Speirs, CPA

Salt Lake City, Utah


Neal Stern

Neal Stern, CPA

Long Island, New York


Tim Todd

Dr. Tim Todd, CPA

Lynchburg, Virginia


Richard L. Ward

Richard L. Ward, CPA/PFS

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Robert Westley

Robert Westley, CPA/PFS

New York, New York