FANtastic Friday Savings Tips


Savings tips submitted by you, our loyal fans!

It’s the Most Budgetworthy Time of the Year

The jack-o-lanterns have been rolled away, and holiday lights are twinkling in. While many may hold that the holidays don’t officially start until after Thanksgiving, now is the time to start planning, if you haven’t already. Last month we asked: How do you keep your holiday spending in check, from Halloween to New Years? Here’s what you had to say.

  • New Mexico Society of CPAs: Start shopping for gifts early so you can compare prices and avoid making impulse/last minute purchases! This also spreads out the extra expense of gift buying over weeks or months.
  • Kristina Noall: Homemade gifts can save tons of money and can be more meaningful. Pinterest has about three million ideas.
  • Andra Gault: Have a good idea of how much you should spend altogether for the season and stick to that figure. Also, use things that you’ve received and will never use as gifts for other people.
  • Lucibelle: Used old calendar pages or newspapers as gift wrap.
  • Deanna Wallace:Don't use credit cards!!!!
    • Will Zeigler: Cash only
    • Buster Bear: Don’t underestimate the value of time. Travelling to see someone can mean much more to them than receiving a gift in the mail.

*Introducing our FANtastic Fan of the Month: Leeann Bonaventura! Leeann’s favorite way to keep holiday spending in check: “I shop year-round for sales so I don't spend a ton of money at the end of the year. I often buy next year's Christmas presents at the post-Christmas sales in January.”

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