Regardless of your spending habits, there are lots of ways to Feed the Pig. While the savings from changing a single habit may not seem like much at first, making changes in a few areas of your life can add up to big bucks within a single year. Here are some of our favorite financial tips.

Weekly Savings Tip: Today's Top 3 – Host a Frugal BBQ

Summer BBQ season is in full swing. If you're planning a backyard get together, here are three great ways to save money:

  1. Make it BYOM. Meat is often the most expensive part of hosting a BBQ, so save some money by asking guests to bring their preferred item to grill – you just supply the grill, chef, sides and festive atmosphere.
  2. Assign sides. If fall-off-the-bone ribs are your personal specialty, ask guests to bring a side to complement. Try to assign specific sides so that you don't end up with three tubs of potato salad and no corn on the cob.
  3. Give it a punch. Instead of individually bottled drinks, mix up a punch for the kids with mixer options for adults. If people prefer something else, let them know they're happy to bring their own.

Bonus tip: As you take advantage of bargains at the grocery store, track how much you're actually saving, then transfer that amount to your savings for a little boost. Even the little thing adds up!

This Just In...Current Events

Staying up to date on current events and financial news is an important part of understanding and managing your finances. 


Start off on the right financial foot, and stay there!

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