Saving Dollars & Making Sense of Student Loans


Obtaining a college degree could be one of the most important achievements of your life…don’t ruin it by becoming hopelessly in debt. Considering the staggering costs of higher education, it may prove difficult to stay out of the red. Whether you’re still paying off college or grad school-related debt, or about to sign on, it pays to educate yourself on the dollars and sense of financial aid management and repayment.

What is financial aid anyway?

Financial aid comes in many forms and from different sources, including the federal government, private institutions, endowments, and even your home state. Scholarships and grants are the most desirable (and competitive) types of aid because you don’t have to pay them back; the rest comes from savings, parents, part-time employment or, as a last resort, from loans.

Going back to school as an adult?

You’re a grown up, and you know what’s good for you, your career and your future. You also know a thing or two more about life than your average freshman, and have more responsibility. As such, going back to school is going to be more complicated – yet rife with opportunities and alternatives. Before you invest in another round of school, map out your life goals again to confirm that school is the way to go for you. After that, be sure to…

  • Establish a family/friend support network
  • Look for programs designed for adult students
  • Consider part-time school, night classes, and distance learning
  • Sharpen your pencils…and delve in!